Jesus Loves

By Robert Crosby

About the Book

Grace is unconditionally given, intimacy must be relentlessly pursued.

Jesus was constantly and winsomely working to bring people closer to himself, calling them out of the far reaches and toward the inner circles. This was his passion. In an age that is desperate for God, how do we press in to become like the two disciples who asked if they could sit right next to Jesus, at his right and at his left?

Can we join God‘s inner circle? How can we make sure that we are on the closer path?

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What people are saying

This book itself will be a gift to you. Robert Crosby has not just studied the costly grace of Jesus; he’s lived it.
~ John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, and author of Who Is This Man? ~
After reading The One Jesus Loves, readers will understand how to deepen their personal relationships with God by drawing closer into His ‘circle of intimacy.
~ Mark Batterson, New York Times best-selling author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor of National Community Church ~
Through The One Jesus Loves, Bob Crosby guides us toward the richness we can experience when we’re not just following Jesus, but following Him closely. He invites us to recognize each circle as a stage of development and learn how to move further and further in.
~ Bobby Gruenewald, Founder of ~
Many authors ask, ‘Do you know Jesus?’ Bob Crosby dares to ask the more difficult question, ‘How close are you to Jesus?’
~ Marshall Shelley, vice president, Christianity Today ~
Crosby has hit another home run with The One Jesus Loves. This is required reading for those individuals desiring an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
~ Robert E. Cooley, president emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary ~
The One Jesus Loves explores the meaning and possibility of nearness to Christ and directs readers toward this noble aspiration with biblical and practical guidance. I heartily recommend it.
~ Mark L. Williams, general overseer, Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee ~
Dr. Robert Crosby has crafted a detailed, inspired guide to the daily pursuit of drawing closer to God that is unlike anything I have ever read before. The One Jesus Loves will challenge you, enlighten you, and fulfill you in such a powerful way that is sure to change your life and strengthen your faith.
~ Pastor Matthew Barnett, cofounder of the Dream Center ~
As I read The One Jesus Loves, I saw how people over the centuries have embraced their Maker and joined His inner-circle. I plan to join them and hope this book helps you do the same.”
~ Dr. Tim Elmore, president of ~
Jesus Christ calls us out of the crowds and into ever-increasing intimacy with himself. In The One Jesus Loves, Robert Crosby shows us how that call moves us through six circles of relationship. It is an excellent resource on following Jesus, and I enthusiastically recommend it.
~ Dr. George O. Wood, general superintendent, Assemblies of God, USA ~
The One Jesus Loves will inspire, teach, and encourage you to get closer to God. As Robert C. writes, ‘There is a difference between being loved by someone and being in a love relationship.’ This book will show you that we can all become ‘the one Jesus loves'.
~ Guillermo J. Aguayo, senior pastor, ~
In The One Jesus Loves, Robert Crosby empowers the reader with a bib¬lical prescription where complacent faith experiences are replaced with an intimate transformative relationship with Christ.”
~ Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president, NHCLC, Hispanic Evangelical Association ~
Robert Crosby has written this wonderful book so that we will not settle for a saving relationship with God, but go on to a deep and personal one. When it comes to the intentions of our faith, better than insight is intimacy.
~ Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland—A Church Distributed ~

About the Author

Dr. Robert C. Crosby is a conference speaker, writer, and pastoral leader. He has pastored churches in New York, Boston, and Ohio and served as a university vice president. he is the professor of practical theology at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. He writes for Christianity Today,, Leadership Journal and the Huffington Post. He and his wife, Pamela are the founders of Teaming Church Conferences and Resources.

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